he’s witching people. because anyone could have been accused for any reason. tebow could be witching people because his team lost during the Salem witch trials. During the puritan times any person could have sapossably came under satins control. it wasnt any particular group of people. no one was safe from accusations of being a witch.


what i would do.

If I live during the Salem witch trials time period what would I do if I was ever accused of being a witch. well I would not tell a lie to be set free. even if I was hanged I would know I had a better place to go on the other side. but many people had to lie to live. I  wouldn’t really know until I was faced with that situation.

what i really didnt know about people

On the assignment 2 I learned a lot about people. I learnt that you can’t always tell what ethnicity. To begin with the assignment was kinda difficult due to them all looking similar. I realized that native americans and Hispanics all look the same. Little bit of a surprise to find out I was mostly wrong about most of my answers. But any how im sure most people would answer the same way I did. Looks can be very deceiving. It’s all the governments fault. lol

Gosh I dread this. I dont like these computers at all. and im ready for lunch.